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Un Mundo: Sustainability in Honduras

Un Mundo works to create sustainability in education, health care and livelihoods in Honduras. Honduran girl Focusing on dignity, community and self-sufficiency, Un Mundo is truly run by the people, for the people.

Special Needs. Because the projects are defined and implemented by the local people, you know that real needs are being solved. For example, because of malnutrition and poor maternal health during pregnancy, many children were born with disabilities. For generations, special needs children were simply not included in the limited available local education because of the mistaken belief that they could not learn. The parents knew their children deserved better, formed a powerful parent association and lobbied for special needs education. They advocated for their children to be mainstreamed into local public schools. Now they are a respected parents’ group and have won the right to education for their special needs children in local schools, a first in Honduras!

Clean Drinking Water. Contaminated and far-away water sources made it difficult for families to get clean drinking water and avoid water-borne diseases. The community is now working on a five year plan to pipe clean water to the homes of the people in their valley. This intensive effort will involve the labor and leadership of every community member.

Sustainable Livelihoods. Women have pooled their money and are now operating successful enterprises such as a local restaurant and a B&B for tourists. Families are emerging from the generational cycle of poverty.

Literacy. More and more people are learning to read, even in remote areas, thanks to a mobile lending library that travels on the back of a burro!

Maternal Health. A Midwives Association increases access to pre- and post-natal health care for pregnant women and their children by strengthening natural healing practices in the region.

To find out more or make a donation to continue these efforts click Un Mundo.



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