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Kenyans Learn Sustainable Business

Ndungu John Mwangi, director of Umoja East Africa Fund-Kenya, trains grassroots groups on how to plan and operate sustainable businesses. While Kenya has enjoyed success in the capital city of Nairobi, those living in the rural areas are still struggling. They will succeed when the rural economy is infused with locally-owned social enterprises, which can […]

Un Mundo: Sustainability in Honduras

Un Mundo works to create sustainability in education, health care and livelihoods in Honduras.  Focusing on dignity, community and self-sufficiency, Un Mundo is truly run by the people, for the people. Special Needs. Because the projects are defined and implemented by the local people, you know that real needs are being solved. For example, because […]

Uganda and Kenya Trip

Watch this short presentation about my trip to Uganda and Kenya to visit some community based organizations doing fantastic work. Led to the founding of Umoja East Africa Fund. Karen africa trip short from Karen Ashmore

Farewell, Fred Voodoo

A Review of Farewell, Fred Voodoo  The salvation fantasies of the crisis caravan continue…but true solutions remain reality based and local. Although I eagerly devoured Amy Wilentz’s new book Farewell, Fred Voodoo, it sometimes seemed antithetical.  One chapter espoused a certain tenet and then just a few chapters later she stated just the opposite. For […]

Women Work Together

Welcome new client Women Work Together (WWT), a Colorado nonprofit that partners with its sister organization Mujeres Trabajan Unidas (MTU) in San Pedro Sacatepéquez (SPS), San Marcos, Guatemala. WWT and MTU work with local partners in Guatemala to unlock the potential of Mayan teens to stay in school, inspiring them to leadership and rallying family and community […]

Girl Rising

You’re invited to join us for a special screening of Girl Rising in Denver You’ve heard the statistics, you’ve read the articles, and now you’re wondering what you can do to educate girls and change the world.   DATE:    April 4, 2013   TIME:     6:30pm Reception & Panel               7:30pm Screening         VENUE: Denver […]

Leading Delegations to Global South

Last week I presented a session on “Leading Delegations to the Global South” at the Council on Foundations conference in San Jose, CA.  The audience was enthusiastic and I am glad so many foundations are considering trips to the Global South (refers to countries in the southern half of the globe – usually developing countries […]

International Programs for Girls and Women

Last week I spoke on Investing in International Programs for Girls and Women at the Council on Foundations conference.  In order to introduce the concepts important for girls in a developing country, I wrote a short skit and asked three audience members to act out the parts. The audience enthusiastically understood the points. Here is […]

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