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Implement a Diversified Fundraising Plan

Ever wonder how to implement a diversified fundraising plan? Learn the basics and follow my quick and easy case study with this example for ABC Health. Then click here for a blank template you can use to set up the details for your non-profit organization. You learned how to develop an overall diversified fundraising plan in my […]

How to Develop a Diversified Fundraising Plan

How to Develop a Diversified Fundraising Plan Fundraising is a team process that involves, board, staff and volunteers. A fundraising plan should come from many different sources. I know of a group that relied on one major corporation for more than 50% of its total budget.  This was great during economic prosperity but when the […]

Family Foundations Ready for Next Generation

There is a good article in today’s New York Times about ways family foundations are getting ready for the next generation. It discusses the advantages and conflicts that come with bringing new generations on the board.  Different foundations handle it differently. Some let younger members sit in on board meetings but not vote. Others give […]

Beyond Grants

Did you know there are many non-financial ways you can support your grantees, beyond grants? Last week I moderated a session called “Beyond Grants: Non-Financial Ways to Support Grassroots Organizations” at the Council on Foundations conference with my colleagues John Esterle of  The Whitman Institute and Katrin Wilde of the Channel Foundation. Many new, small […]

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