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50 Picture Books for Mixed Race Families

Part of a mixed race family? Read these books to your children so they can see yes, “There are other families like mine!”      

Children’s Books: Anti-racism

  A list of children’s books about dealing with racism. For all races Reading to End Racism Book List KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations in left margin: 1. Suggested Grade Level: EE suitable for early elementary school (K-2) E suitable for grades 2-5 M suitable for grades 6-8 A adult resource book 2. Race/Ethnicity AA African-American […]

Conversation between Mother and Son

A Conversation Between a Mother and Her Son: Walking While Black By Karen Ashmore and Tristan Ashmore Karen Ashmore: I have something in common with Sybrina Fulton.  I am the mother of a black son. My heart goes out to her and the mothers of other young black men who have lost their lives needlessly. Mamie […]

It Takes More Than Love: Steps to Raising a Truly Multicultural Family

As the white mother of transracially adopted children, I have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Our family is not perfect but we are probably a bit more culturally aware than most. As a result, I sometimes get asked to speak on the topic of raising a truly multicultural family to […]


Is Your World Too White? A Primer for White People Trying to Deal with a Racist Society Many years ago I started a chapter of the National Organization for Women. Since NOW and the women’s  movement in general are often associated with white middle class women, we named the group Rainbow NOW to emphasize the […]

Chains of Privilege

The Chains of Privilege A few years ago, I led an activity at the University of Denver Inclusiveness conference that underscored the   various privileges that we leverage as human beings in a multifaceted society. In this activity, I posted on the walls different types of privilege people experienced. Underneath each sign, I taped a […]

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